Strauch Visiting Professor of Architecture at Cornell

This semester, Greg once again has been invited to be the prestigious Strauch Visiting Professor of Sustainable Architecture in Cornell.
As part of the post Greg is teaching a post-graduate option studio entitled “EVO-DEVO – Mapping the evolutionary morphology of the distributed city.”
With Michael Jefferson (ex OMA), which looks at the idea of the city as super-organism.  The proposition for the studio is developed from diverse ideas such as hacking and evolutionary development:
“….The city must be seen as a body, a whole, rather than this collection of parts, and if the city is a body, then it must be subject to the evolutionary forces of the biotic. We intend to use these mutable forces of evolution to create a new way of designing the city.”
The Studio focusses on the future of Buffalo NY , a shrinking city in the heart of America’s Rust Belt, and students are designing a series of hacks for the city that take advantage of the shrinkage and will lead to a new engagement of the city with its ecological and economic contexts.

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