Call for Short Articles from Students on Teaching Practitioners

The Journal of the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE), first published in 2013, is now firmly established as a leading journal for practitioners and theorists engaged in innovative and significant architectural education and research.
For this issue (Autumn 2016), the Guest Editor, Gemma Barton, (Senior Lecturer, College of Art, Design and Media, University of Brighton) invites students and recent graduates of architecture and design subjects to provide commentary on their experiences of being taught by teachers across the contractual spectrum, from teaching-practitioners to practicing-teachers.
The editors are looking for multiple thought pieces, opinion pieces and stories/anecdotes sharing the student insight (positive and negative) of interaction and collaboration with part-time academics (Visiting Lecturers, Hourly Paid Lecturers/Tutors, zero hours, Adjunct Lecturers, Part Time Equivalent, or less than 1.0 Full Time Equivalent, fixed-term, temporary, supplier, etc).
We want to hear directly from those on the ground: those experiencing the realities of managerial and financial decisions, those who benefit and/or suffer as a result of transient teaching contracts. This content will be published alongside research essays and projects contributed by international academics.
Submission timeline
Interested contributors should contact Gemma Barton ( according to the following timeline:
15 Nov 2015     : Expression of interest (200 word outline)
PLEASE NOTE : Your 200 word Expression of Interest should include insights into the content of your full submission in the form of experience and evaluation.

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