AAI Award Winners 2016

Stage 2 team is delighted to announce that four entries from Year 2 Architecture (BSc) were officially announced this year’s AAI Competition winners for 2016.  Four schools were involved, (QUB, SAUL, DIT and UCD) and there were over 100 entries.  QUB students did particularly well in being placed across all categories as follows:

Joint First winners:
Adam Doherty, Adam Doherty Tiarnan Mc Ilhatton, Dylan Kelly; QUB
Declan McCabe, Alan York, Matthew McCullough; QUB

Honourable mention:
Karolina Kwiecien; SAUL
Sean Bradley; DIT
Piotr Hardt; UCD
Aaron Vinaccia; QUB

Special Mention
Katie Barry; DIT
Kuchriatt Vachiratianchi & Awashyak Shrestha; QUB
Jessica Keller; SAUL

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