Making Ireland Modern

arcsoc-making-ireland-modernLecture : Making Ireland Modern
Date : Tuesday 22 November
Location : David Keir Building OG 012
Time : 6:30 pm
The lecture presents aspects of Making Ireland Modern, a research project, exhibition and pavilion (curated and designed by Gary A. Boyd and John McLaughlin) exploring the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and technology in the building of the Irish nation. The research is divided into ten infrastructural episodes – Negation, Electricity, Health, Transportation, Television, Aviation, Education, Telecommunications, Motorways, Data – spanning a period of one hundred years from 1916-2016. Exploring a range of scales from the detail design of objects to entire landscapes and other territories,Making Ireland Modern describes architecture’s role in transforming the physical and cultural identity of the new state through its intercession in the everyday lives of its population.

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